🚨Automate alerts

First, make sure to create a monitor and select data for it.

In Monitoro, you can receive alerts on your Discord Server, your Telegram or Slack channels as soon as your monitors detect a change.

Your first alert

Now let's create your first alert using this monitor tracking the number of articles in Wikipedia as an example. First open your monitor in monitoro.app.

Click on Add automation, and then you'll see a blank automation as below.

What are you looking at?

In the middle is the Condition section, which determines when the automation should run. We can add a condition and by default it will make the automation run every time monitored data changes.

On the right is the Action section, which determines what the automation should do. In our case, we would like it to send us an alert using the data we're monitoring.

The tutorial below shows you how to create a complete monitor with an alert, customizing the alert message content and choosing its destination.

Advanced alerts and custom conditions

Our alert will run each time data changes. But what if we wanted to be notified when the number of articles on Wikipedia exceeds 7 millions, or any other arbitrary condition?

That's possible! That's what the Conditions section in your automations is for. You can learn more about how to customize your automation conditions in the page below.


What's next?

Now you can kick back and relax, Monitoro's got your back. You can also add more automations to your monitor to send alerts, run tasks or integrate data.

Need help?

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