Monitoro can connect to your favorite apps to send you the alerts you need right where you get work done, and help you do all sorts of things using the data from your monitors.

Monitoro supports a wide range of apps, from chat and alerts to databases and workflow automation platforms. Discover all the apps we support by visiting our website Monitoro Apps.

Is there another app you'd like to see? Just shoot us a word.

App accounts

You might want Monitoro to post updates in your Discord server or add data to a Google Sheet without you doing anything manually. To make this magic happen, you'd set up an app account within Monitoro for each tool you want to connect. When you authorize a 3rd party app to connect with Monitoro, you are giving Monitoro permission to send information directly to these apps on your behalf.

You can connect new app accounts to Monitoro in the Apps page. Here's a simple breakdown of how it works:

  1. Choose the App: Select the app you wish to integrate with Monitoro, such as Slack or Google Sheets.

  2. Authorize: Give Monitoro permission to access your account on that app.

  3. Select in Automation: When setting up an automation in Monitoro, you'll choose which app account it should use. This tells Monitoro exactly where to send data or what actions to perform.

By linking your app accounts, Monitoro knows who it's talking to and has the right to act on your behalf, ensuring a seamless flow of information from your Monitoro alerts directly to your other applications.

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