🪄Create an Instant Monitor

First, make sure to create an account and install the extension.

Monitors in monitoro are watching websites and webpages for changes around the clock, sending you alerts and running your automations. For example, a monitor can track a product page and send you an alert every time the price changes.

In this document we will look at creating instant monitors (using a template). If you are looking for custom monitors, check out Create a Custom Monitor instead.

Creating your first monitor

To create a monitor, open Explore and choose for a template that fits your requirements. Click on it, then on Launch monitor.

Each monitor works by tracking webpages for changes. Monitoro can locate the specific webpage link you need. All you need is to fill in the details for the monitor you want. For example, let's monitor new tweets containing a given keyword.

First step is to look it up in the Explore page and then launch it.

Then we choose which keywords to track. We'll add in 3 keywords, one per row, which results in 3 monitored webpages. Monitoro has a feature whereby it automatically generates the link of the webpage to monitor, based on the details you will enter here. We call it the URL Builder. Click on Connect app.

Now we choose where to receive an alert when a new post is found. By default, you can choose Monitoro Alerts which work on your computer and on your phone. You can also connect any of the apps we support and choose it as a destination for alerts. You can then customize the text of the alert to your heart's content. When you're done, click Launch and you're all set! 🎉

A tab will open to perform an initial extraction, and from this point on Monitoro will check these webpages periodically and alert you when a new post matching your keywords is posted.


How can I monitor more webpages?

In the example above, we were tracking posts matching keywords. Let's say we identified new keywords later on that we want to track. How can that be done?

Open your monitor by accessing it either from your Dashboard or your Monitors page, and then choose Add pages. You will get a screen similar to when you first created your monitor, where you can add more entries to monitor (each corresponding to a webpage). When you're done, click on Add and your monitor will automatically start tracking these new webpages as well, and send you alerts accordingly.

How to customize alerts and automations?

Your instant monitor sets up alerts by default. After you launch it, you can not only customize the default alert, but also add a wide array of automations as supported by Monitoro. Make sure to open your monitor either from from your Dashboard or your Monitors page to add or edit automations. Learn more below:

🚨pageAutomate alerts📨pageExtract datapageAutomate tasks

Customizing automation conditions

Automations run when new data is monitored, and it matches your automation's conditions. Learn more about conditions and how to customize them in the page below.


I have a lot of webpages to monitor, is there a convenient way to add them?

The URL Builder, the screen you see when adding pages to a monitor supports multiple ways to add new rows, in addition to simply typing details in.

[URL builder screenshots]

Paste from a spreadsheet

You can copy entire columns from a spreadsheet and paste them into the URL builder. Monitoro will automatically interpret the details you pasted in and generate as many links as needed for each row.

[Copy from spreadsheet to url builder gif]

Paste URLs directly (experimental)

You can also paste compatible URLs directly into the URL builder, which will try to extract the details needed and reformat the URL as needed by the monitor template you're launching. This feature is currently experimental and might not always result in accurate links. Please review the links (and open them if necessary) before proceeding with launching a monitor.

[Copy urls from a spreadsheet]

How often is my monitor checking webpages for changes?

All the webpages you're monitoring are opened and checked for changes in sequence, one after the other at the speed specified in your chosen plan.

A monitored webpage will then be opened again after all the other monitors have been opened as well, looping endlessly over your monitored webpages.

The specific duration until a page is opened a second time depends on several factors, such as how many webpages you're monitoring and external factors such as website loading time.

Here are some approximate ranges to give you a rule of thumb.

PlanFastest frequency

Free 5 webpages

60 min

Standard 1000 webpages

5 min

Pro 10000 webpages

1 min

Enterprise Unlimited webpages


You can compare plans in the page below, or look at our guide to gain a better understanding of how we schedule pages for monitoring.

💡pageComparing Plans👟pageHow Monitoring Runs

Do I need to keep my computer running for monitoring to work?

If you are on the Free, Standard or Pro plan, then yes, your computer and your browser need to be running to open the websites to monitor.

Enterprise customers can run monitors in Monitoro Cloud, which is completely autonomous and does not require your computer to be running.

Learn more about how this works in the guide below.

👟pageHow Monitoring Runs

Need help?

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