First, make sure you have created a monitor and at least one alert, task automation or data integration.

Conditions serve as the trigger point or the "when this happens" part of an automation. They specify the exact scenario under which you want something to occur. For example, a condition could be set to trigger when the price of a monitored item drops, or meets a specific threshold.

You can modify or add new conditions using the condition editor. It lets you specify which of your monitor's data selections are expected to change, and in which way.

How do conditions work?

Every time Monitoro opens a webpage, it extracts data, and compares it to its previous value. This comparison is using the conditions you specified, to surface only the exact update you are interested in. A simple condition for comparison, "changes", checks that the currently extracted data is different than what was monitored before.

But you can also look for increases or decreases in value, and express them in as much specificity as you want.

You can also combine conditions, for example to be notified if a new comment is posted containing a specific keyword and having more than 100 upvotes.

Understanding Conditions: Items vs. Lists

When setting conditions to track changes or specific scenarios, it's crucial to understand the two main types: Item Conditions and List Conditions.

  • Item Conditions are used when you want to monitor changes in a single piece of data. For instance, you could set a condition to alert you if a product's price drops below $50. This is about looking for changes in one specific value.

  • List Conditions, on the other hand, are more about dealing with a group of items. You could use these conditions in two ways:

    1. To monitor changes to the list as a whole, like getting notified when a new item is added.

    2. To set criteria for individual items within that list. For example, you might want to be alerted only if a newly added product's price is less than $100.

    This distinction helps you create more tailored and efficient monitoring for different scenarios, ensuring you get the most relevant notifications based on your needs.

Which conditions can I use?

Depending on the type of monitoring you're focusing on, Monitoro offers a range of conditions for both items and lists. These conditions are designed to cater to specific scenarios, ensuring you filter irrelevant changes and stay updated with the most relevant information. To dive deeper into what conditions are available and how to apply them, click on the pages below:

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By understanding and applying these conditions, you can tailor your monitoring to meet your exact needs, making sure you never miss important updates or changes.

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