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The Monitoro Extension integrates with the Monitoro platform and gives your browser superpowers:

  1. Automatically Check Websites: Like having a vigilant friend who constantly watches web pages for you, the extension uses a special section called the Runner tab. This is how monitoro visits monitored websites on your behalf, tirelessly ensuring you don't miss out on anything important.

  2. Select Data for Custom Monitors: When setting up a custom monitor, the extension lets you use our user-friendly data selection flow to easily choose which information matters to you—be it price details, news updates, or weather forecasts.

  3. Stay on Top of Monitoring Activity: Enjoy the convenience of a live Activity Feed directly in your workspace by opening the extension next when you're in the Monitoro app – keep track of everything happening in your Monitoro account in real-time without missing a beat!

  4. Automated Data Extraction & Monitoring: The extension also lets you use these features through our API, which means you can integrate these monitoring and data extraction capabilities into your own projects, all without manual intervention. Learn more about Monitoro API here.


Monitoro Extension is currently available on three browsers.

Google Chrome

Install the extension from Google Chrome Store.

Microsoft Edge

Install the extension from Microsoft Edge Store.


You can install the extension in the Brave browser using our Chrome Extension which is 100% compatible.


The runner is a fixed tab that appears at the top left of your browser window when you have active monitors. This is where monitoring happens, and where webpages are visited on a regular basis. This tab is reopened automatically if you close it, So don't worry if you do it by mistake, we'll make sure to pick up monitoring where it left off.

Initial Extraction

As described in the Initial extraction section of the Monitors documentation, upon creating a monitor in Monitoro, an initial extraction occurs to ensure the setup is functional. This process involves opening a separate browser tab automatically. This tab facilitates the first extraction pass and will close itself once the initial extraction completes.

Activity Feed

The Monitoro Activity Feed offers users a dynamic and up-to-the-minute look at webpage data extractions, alerts and task automations as they occur. You can access it in two simple steps:

  1. Click on the Monitoro extension icon to activate it.

  2. This will bring up the live feed, allowing you to monitor your extractions and automation runs in real time.

Due to browser restrictions, we are sometimes unable to detect the runner tab. This may result in leftover tabs after you reopen your browser, causing inconvenience. We apologize for this issue and are actively exploring solutions to address it.

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