Common questions (FAQ)

What is Monitoro?

Monitoro is a no-code tool designed to monitor updates on websites and automate alerts, tasks, and data collection. It allows users to receive alerts on platforms like Discord, Telegram, Slack, and to trigger Zaps, as well as update Google Sheets and Airtable reports when changes occur on monitored websites that meet specified conditions.

How do I create a monitor with Monitoro?

To create a monitor with Monitoro, follow these steps:

  1. Open the webpage you want to start monitoring.

  2. Click on the Monitoro extension.

  3. Select "Monitor this page."

  4. Click on "Create a new monitor."

Learn more below:

🎨pageCreate a Custom Monitor

How do I set up an alert in Monitoro?

To set up an alert in Monitoro, follow these steps:

  1. Create a monitor and select the data you want to monitor.

  2. Open your monitor in

  3. Click on "Add automation".

  4. In the Condition section, determine when the automation should run. By default, it will run every time monitored data changes.

  5. In the Action section, set up the automation to send an alert using the data you're monitoring.

Learn more below:

🚨pageAutomate alerts

What types of data can Monitoro select for monitoring?

Monitoro can select and monitor various types of data from webpages, including:

  • Text and numbers, such as a featured article or the total number of articles on Wikipedia.

  • Images, by comparing the image link for changes.

  • Links, by selecting and monitoring specific links on the page.

  • Lists of items.

Learn more below:

🪄pageSelecting data

Can I monitor multiple pages with Monitoro?

Yes, you can monitor multiple pages with Monitoro. Depending on the plan you choose, you can monitor a certain number of webpages. Here are the details for each plan:

  • Free: 5 webpages

  • Basic: 100 webpages

  • Standard: 250 webpages

  • Pro: 1000 webpages

  • Enterprise: Unlimited webpages

Find out more in the page below:

💡pageComparing Plans

How do I add more webpages to my monitor?

To add more webpages to your monitor, you can do so after finishing setting up your monitor, by opening it in and clicking on add pages.

If the additional webpages are of the same kind, like many product pages from the same ecommerce website, data will be automatically selected for you on these new pages. However, if the webpages are from different websites or have different layouts, you will need to re-select data for these websites.

How often can Monitoro check for updates on a webpage?

The frequency at which Monitoro checks for updates on a webpage depends on the plan you are subscribed to. Find out more in the page below:

💡pageComparing Plans

Where does monitoring happen in Monitoro?

Monitoring in Monitoro happens in a small pinned tab at the top left of your browser, known as the runner tab, on the Free, Basic, Standard, and Pro plans. For Enterprise customers, monitoring is managed by Monitoro Cloud. Find out more in the page below:

👟pageHow Monitoring Runs

Can Monitoro handle websites that require login for monitoring?

Yes, Monitoro can handle websites that require login for monitoring. Monitoring in your browser enables you to monitor websites behind a login in an absolutely secure manner without ever sharing credentials or authentication data with Monitoro, as it's all handled by your own browser. All you need to do is to be logged in the website you want to monitor.

How do I troubleshoot issues with Monitoro?

If you encounter issues with Monitoro, you can troubleshoot by using the Chat feature at the bottom left of the page, reporting a bug, or creating a ticket by clicking on Support. Additionally, you can contact Monitoro directly at for any questions, feedback, or inquiries.

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