🪄Selecting data

First, make sure to create a monitor for your webpage.

Monitoro allows you to monitor specific parts of a webpage for changes. In order to do so, make sure to open your monitor and click on select data.

What data can I select?

Let's look at various kinds of data we can select and monitor, taking the Wikipedia main page as an example (but you can do this on any website).

Text and numbers

You can select text of all kinds, either a short word, numbers, or paragraphs as well. For example here we will monitor the featured article:

Or we can monitor the total number of articles on Wikipedia:


We can follow the same process to monitor an image.

Monitoro is comparing the image link rather than the content of the image itself when checking for changes.

If the image content changes but the link stays the same, then no change will be triggered.

Selecting links on the page follows the same process. Click on select new data, click on the link you want to monitor, and then choose the "Link" option on the right.

Lists of items

What's next?

Once you selected all the data you want, click on Setup Automation. You can always select more data later on.

If you open monitoro.app, you can see the activity feed coming to life.

Monitoring started immediately, and you can integrate your favorite apps by automating alerts, tasks or data collection.

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Re-selecting data

If the website changes, or if you want to target a different part of the webpage, you can reselect data.

You can do so by clicking on the data that you want to re-select, clicking on reselect and then targeting a different part of the webpage.

How can I select data from multiple pages?

If you add more webpages of the same kind to your monitor, let's say many product pages from the same ecommerce website, then data will be automatically selected for you on these new pages.

While it is possible to add webpages from different websites, or that have different layouts, you have to re-select data from these websites. This is an advanced scenario that we do not recommend. Instead, consider creating a monitor per website.

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