Webpages or pages are tracked by your monitors for changes. That's where data is extracted from. There is no limit to how many webpages a given monitor can keep track of. Webpages are added to a monitor either by utilizing the Link Builder (see below) or directly adding links for custom monitors.

You can pause any monitor or link, which will stop monitoring it. Paused monitors and links do not count against your plan.

The Link Builder is our user-friendly interface designed to simplify the process of adding webpages to your monitor. It's a table where you can input various link details, which are then used to generate the corresponding webpage links (URLs) you wish to monitor.

  • Adding rows: You can manually enter details into designated fields, which are then automatically combined to create a complete URL, one per row.

  • Bulk Import: For added convenience, the Link Builder also supports pasting data directly from a spreadsheet. This feature is ideal for users looking to monitor multiple webpages at once, enabling a quick and efficient setup process.

When you hear "Link Details," think of it as a recipe we use to create the perfect website address (URL) that leads us exactly where we want to go online. For example, to visit a specific Facebook page, we use a "page ID" as one of the ingredients. Each detail, or parameter, helps us construct a URL that takes Monitoro directly to the information you're looking for and allows us to monitor it for you.

Webpages behind a login

Webpages behind a login often contain valuable information specific to your personal or business needs. Monitoro makes it possible to keep an eye on these pages without compromising your security. Here's how:

Secure Monitoring Without Sharing Login Credentials

Monitoro allows you to monitor any webpage that your browser can access. This includes pages that require a login. The beauty of Monitoro is that it operates without ever needing your login credentials. This method allows you to seamlessly monitor webpages that are not accessible to the general public or are behind paywalls, member areas, or any form of login requirement.

How It Works:

  1. Browser Integration: Monitoro uses your browser to access the webpage. This means that as long as you're logged into the website in your browser, Monitoro can access it too.

  2. Session-Based Access: When you log in to a website, your browser stores a "session" that keeps you logged in. When Monitoro opens the website, the browser preloads the session (and never shares this info with us!).

  3. Privacy and Security: Since Monitoro doesn't require your login details, your credentials remain secure. You maintain control over your data, and Monitoro simply follows the session established by your browser to access the content.

  4. That's it: Just make sure you're logged in to the website you want to monitor, and Monitoro will take care of the rest. It automatically detects changes and updates, ensuring you're always informed.

Monitoro's approach to monitoring webpages behind a login offers a blend of convenience, security, and control. It's designed with your privacy in mind, ensuring that sensitive login information remains with you while still providing the monitoring capabilities you need.

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