Workspaces on Monitoro allow you to organize and manage your monitors efficiently, making it easier for you to keep track of different monitoring tasks. As you begin to create multiple monitors on the Monitoro platform to track various webpages or data points, you might find it useful to group certain monitors together based on their purpose, project, or any other criteria that make sense for you.

Think of workspaces like folders on your computer or categories in your email; they help you segregate monitors into distinct groups for better management and accessibility. This organization strategy not only keeps your Monitoro account tidy but also streamlines your workflow, allowing you to focus on specific sets of data or tasks without being overwhelmed by a cluttered view of all your monitors.

By utilizing workspaces, you can:

  • Categorize monitors based on projects, clients, or data types.

  • Simplify navigation within your Monitoro account.

  • And soon, Enhance collaboration by sharing entire workspaces with team members, granting them access to a curated set of monitors relevant to their work.

To start using workspaces, simply create a new workspace from your Monitoro Monitors page and assign monitors to it. You can always re-organize and edit workspace memberships as your monitoring needs evolve.

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