🎨Custom Monitors

Custom Monitors allow users to select and track custom data points from any website using our user-friendly data selection tool. This flexibility is critical for monitoring specific elements that aren't covered by our existing templates. Learn about creating a custom monitor here.

How Custom Monitors Work

Custom Monitors is a powerful type of monitors that lets you focus on the exact information you're interested in on any website. Think of it as using a magnifying glass to closely watch specific parts of a webpageβ€”like the price of a product, for instance. Here's how it works:

  1. Selecting Data: With our easy-to-use extension, you can simply click on the information you want to monitorβ€”say, the product's price. This step is what we call a "data selection." You'll give this selection a name, for example, "Price."

  2. Launching Your Monitor: After selecting all the pieces of information you need (you can select more than just the price!), you create your custom monitor. This monitor will now keep an eye on these specific data points for you.

  3. Setting Alerts and Automations: The final step involves adding alerts and automations. This means you decide what should happen when the information changes in a way that's important to you. For instance, if the price drops, you can get an alert or trigger an automation to take some action.

By setting up a Custom Monitor, you ensure you're always informed about changes that matter to you, without having to manually check the webpage constantly.

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